FireStorm storms next generation firewalls

A new vulnerability was discovered with Next Generation Firewalls, dubbed as FireStorm, bypassing firewall limitations to send out data. This can be used by malicious code to interact with command-and-control server and send out data. These firewalls were designed to allow full TCP handshake, irrespective of the destination. This is ...

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Dinesh Gunasekar - | Tags : Tunnelling, firewall

Future iptables : nftables

Quick introduction NFTables is the successor of iptables and it has a new easier syntax. Multiple iptables command can be merged into one nftables command. Here is a short review:- nftables project aims to replace iptables, along with {ip6,arp,eb}tables, using them as foundation. BPF friendly better ...

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Dinesh Gunasekar - | Tags : nftables, firewall